• 2013 Summers End Fun Run~Results

    Congratulations – We are impressed with all of you who showed up in the wicked weather this year!  We will have the link to the photos and ask for your opinions this week.  Thanks for making the Summer’s End Fun Run part of your healthy lifestyle! View results on the Summers End Fun Run page!  Read More →

  • 5210 Do You Know What That Means?

    Ready, Set, Go! 5210 is a community-based initiative in Pierce County to promote healthy lifestyle choices for children, youth and families. Learn more about 5210 by clicking here.  Read More →

  • Eat Smart and Play Hard

    Cool B Banana has been encouraging kids to Eat Smart and Play Hard all school year long- remember to Learn about your health and community and get out and get active this summer!  Read More →


Check out healthy recipes and activities by clicking here!


Click here to see some Fantastic Summer 2013 events and links to events in our community.


Participate in online activities and find links to helpful websites by clicking here.


Eat Smart, Play Hard, and Learn at some of the fun local events. Check out the Community events Page to see some great links and offerings from our local pool, parks, libraries and Farmers Markets!

Come join us at KIDFESTin the Kohls parking lot from 10-2pm on August 17th!

Balance your life- try the 5210 way of living. Proven for Kids. Recommended for Adults. Visit www.multicare.org/marybridge/5210 to see the 5210 website for more info.